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The Importance of having a Web Presence for Your Business

You need a web presence to be viewed as a legitimate!  The importance of a web presence is for your audience, clients or fan base to find out information about your company, services, events or whatever it is you’re offering.  When you need information where do you go?  You’ll most likely check your computer or cell phone because the internet is the go-to source for research and news.   By building your web presence, you’ll attract the person who is looking for you precisely and attracting the attention of a new.

Ways to build your Web Presence:

  • A website with interesting content
  • Facebook page
  • YouTube
  • Interesting Content
  • Other Social Networking sites

The list is in order of importance, but it is not all you need to build a web presence.  This blog is Beginner Blogging Tips, so I’m providing the basics to keep it simple.

Web Presence and Credible Image – Do you have one?

Scenario #1

Let’s say you’re an Event Promoter without a website or web presence.  How do you promote your events?

  • Pass out fliers promoting the event
  • Leave a stack of promotional materials at a barbershop, salon, restaurants etc
  • Send SMS messages to people you know
  • Ask friends to spread the word

In this scenario, you rely on your fliers, word of mouth and SMS msgs to get your word out; of course, this is assuming the fliers weren’t thrown away or missed placed.  And your SMS msgs reach as many people as you know and hopes that they pass it along too.

Scenario #2

Let’s say you’re an Event Promoter with a website and web presence.  How do you promote your events?

  • A website with a list of events and past events
  • The ability to send out email updates and SMS msgs about upcoming events
  • A place where your audience can find you instead of your finding them
  • A place where a potential new audience can find you
  • Pass out fliers promoting the event (if you want but no longer your main source of advertisement)

In this scenario, you have a static place, your website, where your audience can find you, instead of you following them.  You can send out weekly updates for upcoming events from your computer,  saving paper, gas and personal time.  Since the internet is where people look for information, then your events or your promotion company should be showing up in their searches.  The best part is that you may attract the attention of someone you don’t know who would not have found you otherwise.


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