The Importance of Choosing the Right Niche for your Blog

It doesn’t happen everyday but when it does happen, I’m compelled to write about it to address the questions once and for all on the importance of choosing the right niche with the emphasis on the word ‘right‘.

A lot of my readers emailed me with all the nicest words I couldn’t say it better myself and for the sake of this article, I pick two of the questions posed to me,

Tom from Stand Out Blogger

You have created an amazing blog in the blog about blogging niche and I think it would be great if you could write a little bit about why you decided to choose this niche for your blog.

Junnette from Word Play

Why “a blog for beginners” instead of a “make money blog,” just as you said in your About page?

Here’s What I Have To Say

In retrospect, I didn’t start this blog with any niche in mind. I discovered it later upon clear understanding what my audience’s needs were. was initially created with only one single purpose, that was to be my personal journal of all things I learned about the beauty of WordPress. Little did I ever expected that people actually appreciated what I did and have continued to support it till today.

I attribute the continued support to the fact that I’m passionate about what I do. It’s the single most important key to blogging success if you ask me. I write about topics that interests both my readers and myself. Yes, myself. I couldn’t possibly continue to do what I do if it doesn’t excite both myself and my readers.

Why I Choose This ‘Blogging for Beginners’ Niche

Every minute a new blogger is born and they need a one-stop place to find all the elementary blogging resources and I see the need to fill in the gap. The fact that I’m a beginner myself, I know what’s best for beginners and I make every possible effort to speak in the language they could easily understand.

Just in case you aren’t in the know, is not a blog that teaches you how to ‘make money online’. I simply can’t bluff my way into that MMO niche.

What I’m blogging sharing here is what I have personally learned, experimented, applied and experienced first hand as a beginner. As such, everything is written by a beginner, for beginners and with beginners in mind and it will stay the same.

I aim to be the best in the ‘blogging for beginners’ niche and I wouldn’t trade it for any other niche – at least for now. Also, this is the kind of niche I could stand tall among the pack and to be a stand out blogger.

That said, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of sharing what I learn about ‘blog monetization’ at a later stage but that will only come in later when I have found greater success with what I’m doing.

Yes, I did make my money through private ads, affiliate sales, sponsored reviews to have a decent living in the third world countries but that’s not the kind of stuffs my readers are interested in – I presume.

Choosing The Right Niche

It’s true that one of the first things you’ll be deciding when you start your own blog is the niche you want to be in. What kind of target audience you’re writing to? A niche gives you a sense of purpose, yet many is good at failing to choose the right one.

Sad but it’s true, a lot of new bloggers are happy to be part of the ‘make money online’ crowd without realizing that one has to go above and beyond the ‘average’ to succeed in such super competitive niche. In most cases, when the money is no where to be seen, they are quick enough to find the next exit door.

The MMO Niche is a victim of its own success. Here’s why Jason from TUK reasoned out that Make Money Online Blogs = Fail which makes an interesting read.

My Thought on ‘Make Money Online’ Niche

Let me hold your hands and show you how to be the next millionaire…

Sounds familiar? Oh yeah, I’ll let you hold my hands once you decide to change your default WordPress theme. I could perhaps give a couple of good recommendation if you need one. If a million of people like you buy premium themes using my affiliate links, I’m on my way to be a millionaire.

My point is ‘stop telling others how to make money online’ when you are still a distance away from cashing your first adsense check. Switching out of the MMO niche will probably make you more money and how about getting off the Make Money Online bandwagon & make your fortune from John Cow who is considered the authority in the MMO niche.

If that isn’t enough, please allow me to quote one of my favorite words of wisdom on the MMO niche

“Those who know SHOW while those who don’t TEACH”

You have to be seen as a master in your chosen niche to stand out from the crowd and aim to become “a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond”

Passion is The Key

Choose one that you are passionate about and it’s not time-sensitive, which stop appealing after a few months. Apart from MMO niche, there are still plenty of gold mines yet to be discovered.

Once you have decided your niche and target audience, your blog should be a one-stop solution for them or at the very least, try to be one.

That being said, if the passion and enthusiasm runs dry, it’s time to move elsewhere. You can’t excite your readers without a drop of passion in what you do or write. The key is being aware of who you are and what you are passionate about, and use it to leverage your success

….and be a winner.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this and why you decided to choose the niche you are in. Are you a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?


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