Does your business card leave a lasting impression

What makes a good business card stand out from the crowd? Last week I wrote an article on my blog over about “How to Create a Memorable Business Card“.

The point of the article was the let your mind get creative and to come up with a really unique idea for your next business card.

After all, once you leave from a conference or networking session and have a bunch of business cards in your pocket from everyone you met, most of the time these are just thrown into a box and never looked at again.

Should someone look through their business cards one more time before never seeing them again, wouldn’t you like them to stop on your card and say “wow, that’s really cool. I would like to know more about this person.“. It may not happen all the time, but having a lasting impression is priceless.

Today I went to get a car wash, and when I went inside to pay, I saw they had a huge board for local businesses and people to post their business cards.

I looked over the board and most of the cards were very generic and nothing really stood out when look at the board as a whole. Most cards were white, a few had logos and even less had an actual picture of the person it was for.

Having a business card that really stands out and grabs attention would be a perfect example here. I’m sure 50 to 100 people pass this board every day and maybe glance at it for a second, and the chance of having one of these cards stand out from the crowd is slim to none.

What are some ideas you have, or might have seen for making a business card stand out from the crowd?


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